Of Stars & the Night

The day is ending but I stay,  Wanting to see again, in whatever way,  Not bothered by the enveloping dark; I lay down, waiting for my known spark. Looking up at the stars, I know quite well,  That, for there is no worse hell, But on earth indifference is the least; We have to dread […]

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Storm & the END

What’s the end, the after? It’s weight of the world, Kindness gone to beg. The way of your laughter; Stays long in thereafter, Alive in memory, of the storm. Did he hear, did he hear you? In the subtle fumbled smiles you make. Living without her, if living at all; Seems to slow me down, […]

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Beyond a failed revolution

I am neither myself nor the other, I am something in the middle; A pillar holding up a bridge of revolution, That extends from me, right to the Other. Nothing dies nor lives in me – no longer, Neither sorrow nor the hours so beautiful. Even things I have never had weary me, As I have […]

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Of life’s strings

Life like an acoustic song, Played on numerous strings, Strung and strum along; Together the melody brings. She tries singing each note, Perfectly as it should go, But off-tune, the strings gloat, Each discordant even the bow. Each chord struck, harsh to hear, Strings supposed to be friends along, Rather her singing they smear; Whilst […]

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My mind is like a maze, I’m getting so lost; All I’m seeing is a haze, I feel like it caused. I’m running out of town, Towards the unknown. I’m leaving all behind, Trying to hold, Gonna lose myself, I’m gonna lose, I’m gonna lose myself, Again! I miss you and our time. And I […]



Tell me to strive, Tell me to fight, Ask me to torch; A brigade’s march, Tell me to withstand, A mobsters gang.  Tell me to swim the ocean, Across the seven lands, Tell me to climb, An Everest sublime. Ask me to face, A barbaric mace. But forgive me for this, For time isn’t mine […]

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Murky this land of living,
Sentiment & suffering,
All in between swinging;
Misery to soul, heaving…

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Your Night Sky

Appears better and enchanting,
If distance didn’t steal, and be justice,
The star would show it’s burning core;
It’s bigger heart than the moon whole.

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Heart’s Hurtful Haven

My mind with anger ablaze,  Fuming in a decadent gaze.  What do I owe?  Whom I love deep and long? Never my spirit got wings.  Or my heart a song. But oh, to her I love, Who loves me if at all, I owe the open gate,  That’ll lead through heaven’s wall.  Oh take those lips sway, Innately sweet […]

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