In these days with spare time,
Often imagine which thoughts are truly mine;
Influenced and manipulated subtly,
Fear the echoing malady…


On a Beachside Cliff

And the waves gush and break, As I sit here and contemplate. About life’s nuances with cognition, Where we all seek recognition. Reality with its limitations, Often portrayed in disgruntled realizations, Maybe I’m not lonely in thought, Hopefully this scene to you I brought. The sea has a tinge of blue, Fading subtly to a […]

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Of Stars & the Night

The day is ending but I stay,  Wanting to see again, in whatever way,  Not bothered by the enveloping dark; I lay down, waiting for my known spark. Looking up at the stars, I know quite well,  That, for there is no worse hell, But on earth indifference is the least; We have to dread […]

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Storm & the END

What’s the end, the after? It’s weight of the world, Kindness gone to beg. The way of your laughter; Stays long in thereafter, Alive in memory, of the storm. Did he hear, did he hear you? In the subtle fumbled smiles you make. Living without her, if living at all; Seems to slow me down, […]

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Beyond a failed revolution

I am neither myself nor the other, I am something in the middle; A pillar holding up a bridge of revolution, That extends from me, right to the Other. Nothing dies nor lives in me – no longer, Neither sorrow nor the hours so beautiful. Even things I have never had weary me, As I have […]

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